Loving Conversations

Research has shown that if a conversation starts out badly there is only a 4% chance of recovery. Learn how to start the conversation right and stay on track even when the talk is tough!
...this mini-course will take you through 3 key areas that will teach you how to master the art of loving conversations - where you and your partner get heard and understood, issues get resolved and you enhance your connection and GROW the LOVE.

What You Will Learn

Off the Rails

The science behind what happens when things go wrong in a conversation and what to do about it.

Soft Start Ups

How to start a conversation in the best way to get heard and understood.

Communicating for Connection

The rules, tips and strategies for conversations that build connection.

The Mini-course contains videos, activities and downloads to stick on your fridge to remind you what you need to do...and you can ask questions in the comments box or anonymously through the Q&A Portal. Order take out and do it as a date night...it's fun I guarantee it! All you need to make it work is the same device you are reading this on right now.

"I've been helping couples master the skills they need to GROW the LOVE in their relationships for many years...now I bring it to you on line.  I hope you join me in this latest mini-course - have some fun and take your LOVE to a new level." 

Catriona Lightfoot

"Loving conversations is a fabulous resource! I sat down and worked my way through the modules in one sitting, Catriona’s approach is based on warmth and common sense, and I loved the specific examples of how conversations between partners can either grow the love or the alternative. None of her suggestions to improve a conversation and hence a relationship are onerous or difficult, rather they are simple strategies that can be used easily and simply every day. Thanks Catriona!"

"Thank you, this was great! I loved your comment about sitting on your hands, I have on my noticeboard 'shhh just listen' but that's in a work capacity, I need to extend it across all areas of my life. "

"Too Easy! Easy to watch and easy to do!"


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