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Increase your "internal" Joy this Holiday Season

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018

The holiday season is approaching and it can be a hard time of year for some – perhaps facing the first holiday without someone special or going through a personally hard time with something in your life.  But even if all is going great right now, wherever you are at, everyone needs what I call a Joy List.

A Joy List is simple.  It is a list of a minimum of 10 things that nurture you and bring you joy.  And there is only one rule and that is everything on the list you need to be able to do or facilitate for yourself.  For example, having someone bring you breakfast in bed might bring you joy but it can’t go on the Joy list because that item would rely on others to succeed. The Joy list must contain things you can pick off and do solely for and with yourself.  So, a better item for the list for example would be a walk through a local park – simple.

It is your list so the things on it must be your own instant mood lifters.  If you are struggling to think up your 10 things I have included some ideas below.  Things that awaken any of our senses are often good instant pick me ups.  In addition, anything that you get lost in such as creating art or music or sport etc. those things are good too.  It is helpful to have free and easily accessible things mixed with a couple of treats like massages or pedicures that won’t happen every day.


  • bubble bath with scented oil;

  • hot or cool shower feel the water falling on your skin;

  • massage;

  • stretching/yoga;

  • pat an animal;

  • wear comfort clothes;

  • carry a soft piece of cloth or worry beads or smooth stones etc to feel and touch when you need to.


  • soothing music;

  • audio book;

  • the sounds of nature – birds, ocean etc

  • water fountain


  • make a collage;

  • watching a flickering candle;

  • flick through a picture/coffee table book or magazine;

  • sitting in front of and watching an open fire;

  • carry soothing pictures with you and pull out when needed;

  • go to your favourite place and just enjoy;

  • art on your walls;

  • picture books/coffee table books.


  • burn scented candles or incense;

  • wear cologne, perfume or scented oil that makes you feel good;

  • visit places that have your favourite aroma eg bakery; coffee shop; florist;

  • wander in a garden of scented plants;

  • bake;


  • enjoy your favourite food;

  • treat yourself to a favourite sweet treat;

  • drink your favourite beverage;

  • suck on an ice cube;

  • eat a juicy piece of fruit.


Once you have created your list put is somewhere accessible (on your phone or on the fridge) and do at least 1 thing on the list every day.  If you are out of the habit of doing nice things for yourself, you will need to make a big effort to make this work but I guarantee the results will speak for themselves.

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