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Confessions of a Relationship Expert - No 1

Feb 01, 2019

The other day in a session with one of my couples, I admitted that something they were struggling with, my partner and I struggle with often.  And she said "wow I thought relationship therapists had it all sorted!

That made me think perhaps other's out there think the same I am here to smash that bubble and confess that my relationship is not perfect!  Ha Ha!

Everyday I work with couple's on strategies: tips and tools and processes to help them make their relationship one they actually want to hang out in.  But what often goes unsaid is that just because I know this stuff through my years of training doesn't mean I never have to use it myself - in fact the opposite is true.  I have practised this stuff the hard way, just like my clients, in my own relationship.

So here is confession # 1 - I struggle with maintaining a positive perspective sometimes.

I gave up perfectionism years ago but that has not changed the fact that my partner and I sometimes have...

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