GROW the LOVE Individualised Intensive for Couples

Identify and work through whatever it is that is holding you back from living your best relationship.

It's as simple as getting on line...

We start with a comprehensive assessment to find out the exact areas that are holding you back.

Then we make a plan together to overcome those blocks and ensure that you can reach your relationship goals.

And then together we make it happen...

100% individualised to what you need as a couple.

Watch the LOVE GROW!


What is holding you back from Living your Best Relationship?


Learn the skills that we aren't taught in school...

Dr John Gottman, world expert on couples, has researched couples and their behaviour for over 30 years.  He discovered that the average couple in distress waits 6 years before seeking help. But waiting too long for relationship help leads to communication breakdown; emotional disconnection and a build up of anger and resentment.

It is true – a relationship is only as perfect as the two people in it. Those same 2 people have the power to create any relationship they want. The mental and physical health benefits of good relationships are well documented. 


Get Access to all the GROW the LOVE online Mini-courses and Workshops

All couples in the Individualised Intensive will have unlimited access to the whole GROW the LOVE on-line library to expand on what you are learning and help you practise in your own time.


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