Inspiration for GROWing the LOVE in your relationship here...and more coming soon!

Fun and Friendship Mini-Course $27

Friendship is the foundation of any great relationship and fun is the glue that holds it all together.  This mini-course will give you a different way of looking at your friendship so you can GROW and strengthen it.  Then learn how to increase the FUN in your relationship with a simple tool... 


3 Steps to Love Growing Mini-Course $27

Once you know the 3 Steps to LOVE GROWing you will be able to identify and kill the love killers!  And hit the mark with everything to make your partner feel loved and your relationship feel more loving...



Loving Conversations Mini-Course $27

Did you know that if a conversation starts badly there is only a 4% chance of getting it back on track?  In this mini-course you will find out how to get heard and understood, what to do when things go off the rails and how to stay connected even through the most difficult conversations.


Fix the Issue - Skip the Fight! Workshop $47

Find out how to resolve issues without fighting even when you don't agree.  This Workshop will make you a master in successfully managing conflict and potential conflicts in your relationship.


GROW the LOVE across the miles. Mini-Course $27

Keep GROWing the LOVE even when separated for long periods...this is especially for Fly in Fly Out workers or Militaryor other jobs that might keep you away from those you love.  Find some simple strategies that you can implement right now.


GROWing the LOVE in Baby's First Year. Mini-Course $27

The arrival of your bundle of joy can throw up many challenges for your relationship.  We know relationship satisfaction declines in 67% of couples.  This course will teach you all you need to know to keep GROWing the LOVE after baby!



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