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About Us

Catriona Lightfoot inspires couples to GROW the LOVE so they can live their best relationship - full of happiness and connection.

Hi and Welcome to GROW the LOVE,

My name is Catriona Lightfoot - I am a Relationship Coach, Blogger and Educator (and accredited Social Worker) with over 20 years experience of working with couples, families and communities to uncover their strengths and help them achieve their goals.  I am passionate about relationships and doing all that can be done to make them loving, fulfilling and life enhancing.  

GROW the LOVE is all about ideas and inspiration to keep the LOVE GROWing no matter where you are at.  You will find daily motivation for keeping the small things coming through to heavy duty help to get you back on track when life has got in the way.

As a daughter, sister, partner/wife, mother, step-mother, friend, neighbour and colleague (in no particular order!) I understand that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship - any relationship has the potential to cause problems from time to time.

But...when things aren’t working the way we would like, this provides an ideal opportunity to learn how to do things differently.

To my passion and enthusiasm for GROWing the LOVE I add some formal qualifications and evidence based practice - just so you know you are getting the latest and best!

I have even had couples say I make it fun.

Can't wait to share GROW the LOVE with you so...




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